Tracklist: 320Kb

CD 1
01-Jive Talkin' 3:43
02-Night Fever 3:30
03-Tragedy 5:01
04-You Should Be Dancing 4:15
05-Stayin' Alive 4:45
06-How Deep Is Your Love 4:02
07-Love So Right 3:33
08-Too Much Heaven 4:54
09-(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away 4:03
10-Fanny (Be Tender With My Love) 4:02

CD 2
01-If I Can't Have You 3:20
02-You Stepped Into My Life 3:25
03-Love Me 3:59
04-More Than A Woman 3:15
05-Rest Your Love On Me 4:21
06-Nights On Broadway 4:32
07-Spirits (Having Flown) 5:10
08-Love You Inside Out 4:08
09-Wind Of Change 4:52
10-Children Of The World 3:07

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( Records Polydor CD USA 1979 )


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